Why Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

If you are older than 64 and own a life insurance policy that has outgrown its usefulness, you may have a surprisingly valuable asset you can turn into cash now, while you are alive. Life Insurance is purchased for noble and varied reasons. Sell your life insurance policy today for a cash value.

Many people purchase a life insurance policy to:

  • Provide income in case the primary breadwinner dies prematurely. Your beneficiaries may no longer need this benefit.
  • Protect the assets in their estate from having to be liquidated to pay estate taxes. With the new tax law of 2012, you may now be overinsured.
  • Provide funds to buy out a business partner’s stake in the event of premature death. Many companies carry key man insurance policies long after the partner or employee has left the company. You may be able to turn that monthly premium expense into cash.

Case Studies

If you and your policy qualify, we will pay you more than the cash surrender value, sometimes many multiples more. Click on the Case Studies tab to see recent actual settlement cases. Click here  to read some success stories

Sell you life insurance policy for cash